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Graduation Requirements

The requirements to graduate from Marshall High School as an LAUSD student are composed of 3 parts:
  1. The A-G Requirements
  2. The California Department of Education (CDE) Requirements
  3. The LAUSD Additional Requirements
In order to earn a high school diploma, students must complete all requirements in these 3 categories.
A-G Requirements
a - History/Social Science 2 years
b - English 4 years
c - Math 3+ years
d - Lab Science 2+ years
e - Language other than English (LOTE) 2+ years
f - Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) 1 year
g - College Preparatory Elective 1 year
The A-G Requirements align with Cal State and UC admission guidelines. Depending on the academic program a student is enrolled in at Marshall, they may take classes beyond these minimum requirements. All students at Marshall take 4 years of math to ensure they are prepared for college and career.
For students planning to attend a 4-year university, they should take an additional 1-2 years of science and language other than English classes beyond the minimum requirements listed above.
 California Department of Education (CDE) Requirement
1 Semester
Economics 1 Semester
Physical Education (PE) 2 Years
The majority of the CDE Requirements overlap with the A-G Requirements. Those included above are those that differ. For a full list of the CDE Requirements, please visit the CDE website.
LAUSD Additional Requirements
Health 1 Semester
Service Learning Project Project completed in history class
Career Pathway Selection Conversation with Academic Counselor
Every school district has additional requirements that students must complete in addition to the A-G and CDE requirements in order to earn their high school diploma.
In addition to completing a 1-semester health class, a Service Learning Project, and a Career Pathway Selection conversation, students must also complete a minimum number of credits each year to stay on track to graduate.
Credits Required to Promote and Graduate
Promote from 9th to 10th grade 50 credits
Promote from 10th to 11th grade 105 credits
Promote from 11th to 12th grade 160 credits
Graduate high school 210+ credits
To graduate, students must have a total of at least 210 credits. Students earn 5 credits for each class they pass with a grade of "D" or better. To help students stay on pace to graduate, they should follow the guidelines above and ensure they are passing all of their classes each year.
If a student is planning to attend a 4-year university, they need to earn a grade of "C" or better in all A-G courses.
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