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Counseling Office Team

Academic Counselors

Mr. Gomez 
Stage and Studio
Phone: (323) 671 - 1412
Ms. Kepenyan 
Phone: (323) 671 - 1430
Ms. Reyes
School For Advanced Studies (SAS)
Phone: (323) 671-1415
Mr. Arevalo 
Health Sciences and Sports Medicine
Phone: (323) 671 - 1411
Mr. Burton 
School for Advanced Studies (SAS)
Phone: (323) 671 - 1161
Ms. Salcido 
School for Environmental Studies (SES)
Phone: (323) 671 - 1413

How do I talk with my counselor?

The best way to talk with your counselor is to stop by the Counseling Office before or after school, during nutrition, or lunch, and complete a "Request to See Counselor" form.

If your concern is not urgent, you can mark your reason (e.g. "Academic Concerns," "Personal Concerns," or "Other") and provide supporting information. Your Academic Counselor will call you to the office as soon as possible to meet with you. 
If your concern is an urgent mental health concern, you should mark "Mental concerns that need immediate response" and hand the form directly to an adult in the office. They will let your counselor know you need to talk right away. You can also notify any adult on campus for assistance.
Parents and families can schedule an appointment with their student's Academic Counselor via email or phone call.