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Dual Enrollment


LACC Registration Steps:

Apply to LACC

  1. Skip ahead to the Dynamic Form if you’ve already taken classes at LACC or any other college in the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) during the last 12 months
  2. Follow Steps 1-9 of this guide

Complete the K-12 Dynamic Form

  1. Follow these steps to access and complete the form through your student portal
  2. Your form will require signatures from you, a parent/guardian (if you are under 18), and Ms. Bryan
    1. Where it asks for your college counselor’s information, enter Tricia Bryan and t[email protected]
    2. If you are interested in taking classes not on our list, you will also need a signature from your academic counselor
  3. If for whatever reason you don’t have access to your portal yet, you can find and complete the Dynamic Form here
  4. For additional support with this form, check out this video

LAMC Registration Steps:

  1. Complete This Form
  2. Log in to Schoology and Follow the Steps Outlined in This Form
    1. Remember that for the K-12 form, your counselor needs to be Lauren Guzman ([email protected])