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Music Program

The Marshall Music Department offers a comprehensive, innovative, inclusive, and culturally diverse program with a variety of courses encompassing a wide variety of musical styles. From traditional ensembles like Orchestra and Jazz band, Rock band, and Songwriting, there is something for every level and style of musical expression.   
The Marshall Music Program is committed to a robust performing arts program to promote student achievement and a lifelong love of music. Through inclusive courses and community-centered events like Buddy Guitars, Battle of the Bands, and our annual Bach, Rock, Shakespeare program at the Greek Theatre, the Marshall Music Program has a place for everyone. 
The Marshall Music Program is proud of the following sponsors and partnerships: 
Grammy Signature School 
Herbie Hancock Institute 
LAUSD All-City Jazz 
The Marshall Music Program offers the following courses: 
Advanced Orchestra 
Beginning Orchestra 
Advanced Jazz Band 
Beginning Jazz Band 
Modern Band/Rock Band 
Beginning Guitar