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SDMC (Shared Decision - Making Council)


  1. "Shared decision making"--which refers to how certain local policy decisions are made at the school site, taking into consideration the respective interests, roles and responsibilities of the site administrator, the faculty, the parents/community, students, and other employees
  2. "Schoolbased management"--which refers to the nature and scope of policy decisions to be made at the local school level as compared to the central District level, in an effort to reform or restructure the operations of the local school.

Determination of the following matters:

  1. Staff development program
  2. Student discipline guidelines and code of student conduct
  3. Schedule of school activities and events, and special schedules (e.g., final exam schedules and schedules designed to accommodate additional preparation time for elementary teachers). For purposes of this paragraph, "schedule" shall include, but not be limited to, a determination by the Council of what activities shall take place. The Council shall not have authority over the scheduling of school activities and events mandated by the Board of Education.
  4. Guidelines for use of school equipment, including the copy machine
  5. The following local budgetary matters:
  6. Instructional Material, account 4170
    • Lottery Funds, account 5381
    • School-Determined Needs, account 3986
    • State Textbook and Related Material, accounts 4111, 4152 and 4267
    • Year-Round School Incentive Discretionary Funds
    • Student Integration Program Discretionary Funds
    • Instructional Material - - Special Education Schools Account 2544 (for Special Education School Councils only)
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