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Sports Medicine and Health Careers School Program/CTE Pathway

Marshall High School Sports Medicine & Health Careers Program motivates Barristers to cultivate a health and wellness mindset. 
Students will learn to consciously balance their health, mind, body and social-emotional needs. Sports Medicine students participate in health career opportunities via community service and/or internships, career fairs and field trips. The goal is for our students to contribute to society by integrating their education and personal health needs while serving the Marshall community.
The school for Sports Medicine and Health Careers introduces students to the many well-paid professions in the healthcare industry. Students in the program have opportunities for internships and field trips to local hospitals and clinics. In addition to finishing a CTE certification program, students enrolled in the class become CPR and First Aid certified. 
Students participate in internships and field trips to local athletic training facilities, hospitals and clinics. Students in the Sports Medicine or Health and Fitness classes qualify for an after school athletic trainer internship opportunity. 
Sports Medicine and Health Career partners with Team Heal, Childrens, Kaiser and Advanteist Memorial hospitals to bring real life experience to our students. See below for volunteer and internship opportunities available to our students.
Character Traits of a Sports Medicine and Health Careers (SMHC) Student
  • Confidence, a SMHC student must be knowledgeable and confident when working with people.
  • Good communication skills, since SMHC students work with a variety of people, now and in the future.
  • Detail-oriented and good decision making abilities, helps patients recover fully. The caregiver can then decide whether or not an injured person needs more help. These character traits apply to all careers.
  • Compassion is an important trait for a SMHC student. Showing optimism for the patient's recovery, helping others and having a love for the field will foster success.