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Gifted Magnet was created in 1999 with the goal of providing a rigorous and challenging curriculum for students of exceptional ability. The magnet also sought to bring an ethnically diverse community of gifted young minds together from all across Los Angeles to form a cohort of students that could challenge one another in a highly demanding, college preparatory environment.
Since our first graduating class in 2003, the Marshall Gifted Magnet has maintained some of the highest academic standards in the state. The magnet presents students with an array of enrichment opportunities, which includes a full spectrum of academic and extra curricular activities. Students in the Magnet have access to over 20 AP courses, as well as over 40 clubs, 8 sports teams, and multiple music & theater groups on campus, not to mention the nationally ranked Academic Decathlon team.
The goal of the John Marshall magnet is not only to foster analytical and critical thinking skills, but also to develop life-long learners that are ready to compete at the university level and beyond. The magnet student is a multi-dimensional individual whose successes are both emotional and intellectual.
Additionally, the magnet program is interwoven into the fabric of the larger John Marshall High School community that includes nearly 90 years of tradition and achievement, as well as recognition throughout Los Angeles.

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