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John Marshall SAS is the LAUSD demonstration site that has received the SAS designation for its exemplary Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) implementation. By providing high-quality differentiated instruction with an emphasis on depth, complexity, acceleration, and novelty, the SAS program offers high-level academic services that meet the unique educational needs of 9–12 gifted learners, identified in the Intellectual, High Achievement, Specific Academic, Creative and Leadership Ability categories or verified based on test scores and/or critical thinking/achievement.
Required criteria for your child to apply for Schools for Advanced Studies:
  • identified as gifted by LAUSD in the Intellectual, High Achievement, Specific Academic, Creative, or Leadership Ability Category OR
  • has scored in the Standard Exceeded range on the SBAC or has a national percentile score of 85 or above in both reading and math on an achievement test (most recent year only) OR
  • verified as eligible by the current school of attendance as meeting the four critical thinking/problem-solving skills criterion AND
  • reside within L.A. Unified boundaries at the time of application and while participating in the program. If you are a Marshall Resident, you do not need to apply through the e -Choices to be admitted into the SAS program. But you need to enroll your child in school (see below). 
Marshall Residents, interested in SAS:
  1. You need to enroll your child in Marshall High School. Please contact the Attendance Office to set up an enrollment appointment for the following time interval: May 15 - June 12. 
  2. After your child is officially enrolled in the school, contact GATE/SAS coordinator, Mrs. Novik at [email protected] about your interest in the SAS program.
    • Note: Mrs. Novik's summer break is from June 13 to August 2023 (the start of the fall semester).
Marshall Non-Residents interested in SAS:
Apply to Choices at Choices Lausd Net
Thank you for your interest in SAS!
Marshall High School Annual GATE Report