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Barristers Code of Conduct

John Marshall High School students have traditionally maintained high standards of performance by accepting the fact that achievement is based on self-discipline and responsibility.
  • John Marshall High School students are responsible for:
    • ​​​​​​​Carrying their school ID cards.
    • Arriving at each class on time; being seated and ready to work before the tardy bell rings.
    • Bringing required materials to class.
    • Visiting lockers, using restrooms, and taking care of personal business, before school, during passing periods, or at nutrition or lunch.
    • Bringing a note and clearing absences before school, during nutrition or lunch so that uncleared absences don’t become truancies and meet 96% attendance goal.
    • Completing required class work and assignments on time.
    • Disposing of food, drinks, and trash in garbage bins.
    • Respecting others and treating them with courtesy.
    • Being a positive and cooperative member of the Marshall community.
    • Respecting and protecting school property.
    • Leaving class only with an authorized pass. Hall passes will be issued after the first ten minutes of the period except for emergencies.
    • Securing skateboards in the lockers during school hours.
    • Silencing electronic devices and removing them from sight during class time.
    • Expressing affection properly in public.
    • Wearing modest, appropriate attire free of offensive or gang related content. “Offensive” includes sexual innuendos, alcohol, drugs, violence, profanity or gestures.